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The Faster Forward Fund (3F) was established by Michael Scriven to accelerate the professional discipline of Evalution. You can find out more about 3F's work at 

Michael Scriven


"We work to accelerate the theory, practice and profession of evaluation". Michael Scriven

3F provides financial resources to support ideas within the evaluation field that:

  • Show promise for significantly accelerating (not merely advancing) the theory or practice of evaluation

  • Are highly original, revolutionary, maverick, or ‘out of the box’ ideas that are often dismissed as long-shots, and

  • Would likely benefit people(s) with serious unmet needs, whether physical, social, economic, educational, or political, and/or

  • Will likely benefit research or practice in the application of evaluation to scientific disciplines and others (e.g., law, history, business) which crucially involve evaluation. For examples, see samples of such work funded so far. 

Jane Davidson

Chief Operating Officer

Jane Davidson is the author of Evaluation Methodology Basics: The Nuts and Bolts of Sound Evaluation (Sage, 2005) and the e-book, Actionable Evaluation Basics: Getting Succinct Answers to the Most Important Questions (Real Evaluation, 2012). She is owner/ director of Real Evaluation (

Read more about Jane's work here.

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